Sunday, June 15, 2014

Breaking the Legacy of Mathematics Struggles

Here are some thoughts on what a student who has historically "struggled at mathematics" should be looking for in a course that will help them improve and have a chance to succeed in mathematics longer term:
  • A balanced focus on the "three pillars of mathematics":
    • Concepts
    • Procedures, and
    • Facts
  • The opportunity to practice...every day!
  • A chance to develop an appreciation for the applications of math...everywhere
  • A teacher they can trust and who is driven to help them succeed
  • Opportunities for periodic successes
  • Opportunities to have some fun in class
  • Resource(s) to go to for help when they need it (possibly online)
  • Opportunities to recover from mistakes (or, more likely, bad decisions)
  • Support outside of school - from family and friends
I am sure there is more but these are my thoughts for this evening.

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