Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Morning Moodle

Everyone has their own routine on Sunday morning. For me, it is time to update my teaching plan for the next school week, and work on assignments and online activities in Moodle - and today write a post for my blog. As the school year draws to a close, this morning I reflected on the work that I have put into Moodle this year for my IB Math SL Year 1 course.

I now have a complete course for year 1 (pre-Calculus) fully built out in Moodle. This includes all assignments, online activities and questions, and links to all supporting materials. The biggest chunk of work was related to building the question bank in Moodle to support the course. I just checked and my current question count is over 400 in the Math SL question bank. If I roughly estimate the average question takes me 15 minutes, then, conservatively, I have put in an extra 100 hours of work outside of school developing Moodle content - just for Math SL. And, I teach two other courses that require Moodle updates!

The good news is that (1) the Moodle content dramatically improves the ability of my students to retain and review content from the course, and (2) the work is now done at a level of quality that I am happy with - I won't have much new/redo work for this course next year.

So, looking back, it took a lot of time to get to this point. It has actually been a 4 year investment (with many 100s of hours of practice and improvement) since I started working with Moodle for my courses in Japan. But, I enjoy working with the technology, and I am now (finally) quite competent at using it.

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