Sunday, May 25, 2014

Getting Started - Motivation

OK, to be honest, I have attempted to maintain a blog of my thoughts and experiences related to teaching math numerous times. I get started, write a few posts, then lose interest. This time I am going to take a slightly different tact. My goal is to post something, anything, at least once per day. Every day something interesting or thought provoking seems to occur. Maybe I try something new in the classroom or online that works or doesn't, or maybe a colleague does something special or frustrating. Whatever it is, it is typically worth my time to write about and reflect on. So here I go...

A quick introduction...

I am a high school math teacher at the American School of Madrid in Madrid, Spain. I have been teaching mathematics for 7 years and worked in the consulting industry for 20 years prior. I love teaching math and using technology to augment my teaching. I focus on IB mathematics courses, but have also taught Algebra, Geometry and remediation courses. I have taught in Montana, Japan and now Spain. I live in Montana during the summers.

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