Thursday, May 29, 2014

Students Appreciate Organization & Planning

I have found that one of the things that students appreciate (and recognize) most is a well-planned and organized course. Here are some student survey responses to the question, "What are the best things about the course?":
  • The course is phenomenally structured. It is clear and well organized with time to work in class that is hugely helpful. The learning is great!
  • The organization and the fact that I know what is due the next day and the following month via Moodle.
  • Everything is very organized and clear. There is a lot of things I can do to review and I never forget past lessons. I also have never had math so clear!
  • I believe the best things are the organization of the topics and the structure of the class. The pre-made notes and the explanations are very convenient and helpful as well as the time that is usually left after the lecture is over.
  • The course is difficult but extremely well planned and we've kept pace, giving me more confidence in how prepared we'll be. 
  • Everything is always perfectly organized (I love the way Moodle is set up and the daily class notes) so that we can plan ahead and get feedback before, for example, turning in the first drafts of the IA.
Students expect teachers to have their act together - and they know it when you don't (trust me, I have heard them talk about some teachers who are clearly planning by the seat of their pants - not kind). They appreciate it when you do your job well and are the first to point out (to other teachers) when a teacher is dropping the ball.

Teachers really should take the time to get their courses superbly organized (at least one week in advance). Their students know the difference between well planned and not.

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